Money 20/20: What’s driving fintech forward?

Robo advisors, alternative lenders, personal finance apps, cryptocurrency – what common themes unite these seemingly disparate industries?

Cambr | Oct 16, 2018

Money 20/20 brings together innovators across the financial playing field to spark insightful discussions and break down what the future of finance will look like.

With 15 different tracks on a variety of topics, Money 20/20 can seem a little overwhelming. To help you navigate the conference and focus on what’s important, we parsed all of the content and identified the two prevalent themes that seem to be guiding how fintech as an industry is evolving in 2018: automation and customer focus.

Theme 1: Fintechs are automating tasks to make finance frictionless and easy

Fintechs found their initial success in taking an aspect of the financial experience (saving, investing, lending, etc.) and making it much easier for the customer. Robo advisors took the complicated aspect of picking one’s portfolio and made it as easy as rounding up every purchase you make. Personal financial management ( PFM) apps made it easy to view your whole financial picture instead of having five different tabs open, trying to reconcile among them.

As fintech markets saturate from competition, innovative companies are looking for new ways to automate even more of their user’s financial lives to make it even easier to manage one’s finances. AI is driving auto-pilot style features across different product types.

This manifests differently from vertical to vertical:

If you want to learn more about this at Money 20/20, check out talks like:

Automation in Financial Services: Hype vs Reality

Humans + Machines: AI & the future of work

Artificial Intelligence is a game changer, but are you ready?

The Democratization of Financial Advice

Augmented Intelligence: The Future of AI

I want to learn more

Theme 2: Fintechs are making their apps even more customer-centric

It’s no secret – part of fintech’s widespread success lies in its ability to listen to its customers and adapt quickly to its customers’ ever evolving needs. Traditionally, finance has had a fairly slow rate of evolution, but with the advent of modern fintech, that rate of acceleration has dramatically increased. Today, fintechs are realizing that success is defined by the customer and fintech will soon be a survival of the fittest, where those that differentiate and successfully solve their customers’ needs will leave competitors in the dust.

 As you make your way through the conference this year, pay attention to how different industries are tackling their users’ problems and ask yourself, how can I serve my customer even better than I do today? Focus on the customer first and the revenues will come – focus solely on revenues first and you’ll find yourself losing customers to those that took the other path.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet as to what we’re seeing in the industry:

If you want to learn more about this at Money 20/20, check out talks like:

Designing a fintech from scratch, starting with the customer

Next-level digital gifting: enhancing the customer experience

New frontiers in credit risk scoring for a customer-centric era

You know my name, look up the number: building brand narratives

It’s what the customer perceives you do that matters


We hope you’re as excited as we are to get under the hood and see all that Money 20/20 has to offer. If you want to talk about any of the above themes, have questions about what you’re seeing at Money 20/20, or want to learn how you can add banking to automate your business, engage your customers, and solve more of your customer’s needs, click the button below and we’ll set up a time to chat.

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